Introducing Around the World
Article by Jenny Bahn

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
— St. Augustine

The Around the World collection is a stunning exploration in both place and time. From the elegant pieces of 19th century England to hand-beaded effects of the African Maasai tribe, each was thoughtfully curated by Latest Revival’s Dalia Oberlander with transfiguration in mind. It is a blend of both the aged and the exotic, designed for a collector who craves something far outside the ordinary.

Of the collection, Oberlander remarks, “I’ve always loved merging old and new sensibilities, so I was interested in exploring contemporary culture as well as locating heritage pieces with ancient narratives.” The resulting finds span the centuries, culled from three different countries, three different cultures, and three very different approaches to communicating beauty through adornment. Each piece is a testament to the spirit of the wearer and her values: adventurous, curious, and ever-learning.

Glittering and exquisitely intricate, the three antique English pieces seen here, dating back to the 1830s and early 1900s, were items Oberlander found while living in London and studying for her Masters in Art History. During that time, she traveled extensively throughout the country: “I scoured antique markets, estates, and jewelry stores, hunting for gems on weekends and during my downtime.” Oberlander was attracted to the richness of history and the delicateness of design that she found in these heritage articles. She searched doggedly to find the best, and the effort is evidenced in the quality and uniqueness of each piece.

For the Maasai selections, Oberlander enlisted the help of her sister, who spent time traveling through Africa exploring the continent’s riches. She had a chance encounter with a young Maasai warrior, adorned in the colorful, beaded garb of his people. “He was fascinated with my sister’s gear,” Oberlander recounts, “and thusly agreed to barter and trade his special warrior jewels for her Westernized versions.” Though from two varied backgrounds, they found familiar ground in an appreciation for beauty. “Any language barrier was circumvented by a mutual admiration for one another’s local offerings,” Oberlander says.

Oberlander acquired the antique turquoise and coral pieces during her personal travels to Morocco, where she spent days pursuing the souks in Marrakech, strolling the cobalt blue grounds of the late YSL’s personal gardens, and relaxing in the comfort of the Amanjena hotel. While there, a friend recommend she explore the mountains further afield for antique jewelry and hand-embroidered kilims. She stumbled upon the pieces that would end up in the Around the World collection: “The jewels were in a treasure chest of antique candelabras, goblets and jewelry–rooms in a quiet building filled with spectacular Moroccan trinkets spanning generations, each item replete with its own story and period.”

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