Into the Wild
Article by Nicole Berrie

Ever since Cartier created the first panther brooch for the Duchess of Windsor in 1948, jewelers’ carnal adoration for decorative creatures has flourished. Style icons from Diana Vreeland to Elizabeth Taylor have all championed fierce fauna and this season is no different. For its 125th anniversary, Bulgari relaunched the Serpenti collection of coiling snake rings, bracelets and timepieces. At Dior, Victoire de Castellane put out whimsical turtles and Koi fish encrusted in orange sapphires, aquamarine and jade. For Lanvin’s Fall 2012 runway show, Alber Elbaz’s urban warriors stalked the catwalk in chokers, which showcased growling black tigers with sapphires for eyes. Cult labels Tom Binns and Dezso by Sara Beltran offered bite with shark jaw necklaces and Mexican-inspired friendship bracelets embroidered with fossilized shark teeth, respectively. What better way to channel your inner wild child this fall?


Photos courtesy of and National Geographic, photo by Michael Nichols

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