Iron Lady
Article by Nicole Berrie

Not since Margaret Thatcher has the brooch been so au courant. For years women of state from Queen Elizabeth to Madeleine Albright have dutifully donned these pristine pins of decorum. But this season, fashion houses are giving the ladylike bauble a millennial twist. Miuccia Prada adorned lapels, sleeves and even shoes with chunky geometric embroideries while Riccardo Tisci sewed oversized stars onto furs and handbags at Givenchy. Marni’s Sixties-inspired collection was punctuated with retro rhinestone styles while Bottega Veneta opted for oversized Baroque cabochon showpieces. Even First Lady Michelle Obama injected a dose of youth into the traditional accessory when she began adorning her frocks with multiple brooches fastened to pearls, collars and décolletage. If you’re similarly inspired, pile your heirloom pieces on unexpected places such as the hem of a skirt. Even if you’re not hitting the campaign trail this fall, at least you’ll look the part.


Photos: (from left) Bottega Veneta F/W 2012 Runway; Marni F/W 2012 Runway; Givenchy F/W 2012 Runway. Photo courtesy of  A Young Queen Elizabeth II; Prada F/W 2012 Runway. Photos courtesy of, and “Queen Elizabeth II” by Baron Sterling Henry Nahum (National Portrait Gallery, London)

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