Lanvin Calling
Article by Nicole Berrie
Nothing captures the jaunty sartorial spirit of the Seventies more than a plunging neckline and  traffic-stopping accessories. (Thank you, Tina Chow.) To wit, the latter has returned with  a vengeance on catwalks from Paris to Milan but the ne plus ultra in capturing this look is to don real relics of the bygone era. Enter Latest Revival’s exclusive capsule collection with Vintage Lanvin featuring costume pieces dating back to the 1970s.

With imposing geometric lines—calling to mind the abstract paintings of Ellsworth Kelly—these bold objets d’art offer a simple but snazzy way to channel that quintessential Abstract-era cool, which all but defined gallerina style from St. Germain to SoHo. (What better way to rock this season’s love affair with the Age of Aquarius and the Modernist era in one fell swoop?) For your next soiree, pair one of these statement pendants with a jersey dress à la Bianca Jagger  circa Studio 54, or punctuate a Hutton-esque tailored suit with zigzag earrings at your next gallery opening. Who ever said disco is dead?

Photo: (from left) 1970’s Striped Brown and Gold Pendant Necklace; Ellsworth Kelly Yellow over Dark Blue, 1964-5; 1970’s Lanvin Red and Gold Pendant Necklace; Ellsworth Kelly Orange/Green 1970; 1970’s Lanvin Triangular Black and Gold Pendant Necklace 

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