Romancing the Stone
Article by Nicole Berrie

Hard rock mania has arrived. Forgoing last year’s gilded minimalist look, designers are revisiting the Stone Age opting for raw, rough-cut materials that recall nature’s imperfect beauty from salvaged crystals to volcanic sediment. For fall, Karl Lagerfeld punctuated nubby tweeds with agate cuffs and amulet-like amethyst necklaces at Chanel. (To complete the Dr. Zhivago meets Blade Runner look, Largerfeld tapped couture maison Lesage to embroider real crystals on models’ eyebrows.) At Yves Saint Laurent, Stefano Pilati ended his reign with onyx-hued cuffs boasting slabs of obsidian—a collector’s item, if there ever was one. Whether it’s Chanel’s agate pendant or Kimberly McDonald’s delicate geode earrings flaunting tiny recycled diamonds and 18-karat gold, there are plenty of ways to rock this season’s love affair with geology. Now time to brush up on that Periodic Table…


Photos courtesy of and  www. (Rawson Photography)

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