The Big Chill
Article by Nicole Berrie

 Despite superstorm Nemo’s best efforts to derail New York fashion week, a flurry of alpha editors, buyers and bloggers descended upon Manhattan’s urban tundra and continued to put their best, ahem, snow boots forward for the Fall 2013 collections. While plenty of practical showgoers piled on sensible stockings, fur stoles and even ski goggles—a la M.O.D. Hanne Gaby Odiele—certain style martyrs maintained their unabashed love of show-stopping accessories. Ever the fashion magpie, Michelle Violy Harper traded in her more-is-more formula and demurely threw a sparkling bib necklace over a pared-down black turtleneck. Grace Coddington punctuated her signature fiery coiffure with an Yves Klein blue coat and delicate hoop earrings while Alessandra Codinha co-opted the look by tucking earrings beneath a beanie cap. In fact, ear candy abounded from delicate dangly renditions to edgy cartilage cuffs, the latter which fell firmly in the cool camp with fans like trendsetting “It” girls Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea donning a serpent-inspired design to Ays Yuva flaunting a chain-link style. Perennial style warrior Kate Lanphear opted for a bold knuckle armor, as did Miroslava Duma who donned Gaia Repossi’s Berbere ring in black gold. Wrist candy also made an appearance in the form of cuffs, stacked gold bracelets and slim menswear-inspired watches. Perhaps the season’s most prevalent accessory? A single-stemmed rose, which a flock of models-off-duty sweetly displayed on the final day of fashion week in honor of Valentine’s Day.

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