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“Growing up in Brazil, my most treasured memories are when I would vacation with my family. We would escape the city and completely connect with nature. This has always stayed with me, and inspires my designs today.”

Brazilian fine jewelry house Hueb renders the organic world in precious metals and stones. The wings of birds, leaves of palm, the blooming petals of a flower. Under the creative direction of Priscila Hueb, the collection serves as an exquisite translation of the ephemeral, executed so artfully that the jewels appear to maintain their inspiration’s living qualities. Each piece transcends its static properties. They grow, breathe, radiate.

Now in its third generation, the family-owned brand was founded in the 1970s by Fádua Hueb, grandmother Hueb Director (and Priscila’s husband) Thiago Hueb. It was, in the beginning, a way for Fádua to create bespoke pieces for her own friends. In the years since, the brand has expanded beyond its original audience. Still, their ethos has stayed close to Fádua’s original intentions. Priscila Hueb, who studied under the tutelage of her mother-in-law, Cristina Hueb before taking the reigns, remarks of their design progression: “We evolved along with the fashion trends during these 40 years, but have still remained creative, colorful, and original.”

Like the jewelry itself, the business is a living and breathing thing. The family is still very much involved in the strategic and creative aspects of the brand. Though Priscila comes with her own unique history of design and aesthetic interests, she has married into the Hueb tradition, and happily. “Whenever [the family] has a chance to meet, jewelry is our favorite subject to discuss over lunch!” Priscila quips.

Each generation has helped build Hueb into the success it is today. Their sumptuous ornaments make cameos in the pages of Vogue and Elle. Their pieces are sold across the globe in some of the most prestigious boutiques, from Harvey Nichols in Dubai to Beverly Hills, CA. Priscila’s designs are red carpet regulars, offering sparkle to an impressive range of entertainment’s biggest stars. Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, and Tracee Ellis Ross–to name just three–are all fans.

Below, Priscila Hueb talks with the Latest Revival about Hueb heritage, enchanting surprises, and early impressions.

It seems important to begin with the woman who started all this. How would you describe Fádua Hueb?

Full of life, extremely creative, determined. She is a great inspiration to all of us.

What does it mean for Hueb to be a family business?

It means to work as a true team and to be able to take advantage of the heritage and tradition of the brand, but, at the same time, allow innovation and style evolution.

Did you–like your husband–grow up around jewelry?

I have always been drawn to jewelry from a young age. The women in my family would get dressed up for special occasions, and I would always admire how their necklaces or earrings would sparkle, enhancing their overall look. This admiration became stronger after I joined my husband’s family business and started working closely with my mother-in-law, who was the creative director of the company. After years of helping her develop amazing collections and learning so much about the industry, I felt confident enough to put my own inspirations on paper and bring to life pieces of jewelry that express my creativity.

Is there a piece you remember wanting as a child?

I have always had a passion for earrings. The way they frame the face and the way they move has always mesmerized me.

How does Brazil influence the design of your pieces?

Brazil is our heritage and inspiration. It is the warmth of our culture, the colors of nature, and the enchanting surprises found both in the rainforests and in the cities.

What gemstone are you particularly interested in right now?

Paraiba tourmaline. We are currently working on our first limited edition collection, inspired by water in all its forms. We are using blue sapphire, aquamarine, and, for the first time in our collections, we will use Paraiba tourmaline.

The Middle East is a big market for Hueb. Has your time there influenced your designs?

In 2011, we moved to Dubai, where we were preparing ourselves for the international expansion. It was there where we founded the Hueb retail brand. I believe the Middle Eastern woman enjoys our designs because they are elegant and perfect for the woman who is looking for something different yet still very wearable.

The settings of some of your pieces seem so intricate. What does that process look like, from design to setting the diamonds?

Our best designs are a balance between art, innovation, and craftsmanship. Whenever we are able to combine these three elements, we create a signature piece, like the Tribal Cuff, Bahia Earrings, Trilliant Bracelet, Secret Garden Ring, etc.

Where else does Hueb take its inspiration cues from?

My inspirations come from everywhere: skylines, landscapes, art galleries, and, of course, nature. I always keep my eyes open and try to notice everything around me. Anything can inspire a collection, from raindrops to a beautiful painting.

What is the best way to wear a Hueb piece?

We strive to bring a new approach towards jewelry, inspiring people to wear new and different combinations and to explore new possibilities. I think we can do all of that, but still keep jewelry very wearable and relatable.

Define a Hueb woman in three words:

Confident, vibrant, curious.

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