Future Fortune

Future Fortune fine jewelry is designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California. Each design is carefully created by using the finest gemstones sourced from different parts of the world. Future Fortune is socially and environmentally responsible by using conflict free diamonds. Influenced by multiple era’s, the collection has a modern and feminine sensibility

Glamour and splendor come to life in the latest debut by Future Fortune. Designer Jessica Olds turned to pop culture as her main source of inspiration, celebrating free expression and vibrant design, captured in candy-colored gemstones and romantic interpretations of beauty.

Where bold earrings and bracelets suggest deeper meanings with the use of sparkling ocean-blue aquamarine, bright pink sapphires, marvelous emerald green, and the most magical shade of blue sapphires. Offering captivating interpretations of everyday elegance. In that light, the words “Future Fortune” take on a deeper meaning. “It just felt so right,” says the designer, “Who doesn’t want good fortune? When you look at the collection it has a very futuristic, hopeful element to it. Mother-Nature-meets-Outer-Space.” Stars, flowers – even a kiss of retro-psychedelic art breathes life into the pieces. The collection is an effortless marriage of cosmic, elemental beauty and retro- futuristic flair.

'R' AS IN Ravishing

'S' AS IN Sculpture

'T' AS IN Technology

'V' AS IN Vintage

'W' AS IN Window

'Y' AS IN Yellow

'Z' AS IN Zebra