Dalia Oberlander
Interview by Latest Revival and Lalique

Dalia Oberlander is the Founder and CEO of Latest Revival

‘Lalique x Latest Revival’ Celebrate Influential Women

What does it mean to you to be an influential woman? What led you to your current position?

A modern, influential woman cannot be easily defined! She looks a thousand different ways depending on where she is ‘going’ and what she is doing when she gets there. She’s empowered, multifaceted and complex. She is comfortable with challenges as she guides with clarity. She admires the women who have come before her and encourages the next generation of leaders.

I have always loved jewelry, found objects and discovering literal or the proverbial ‘gems’.  I studied Art History during graduate school in London and was particularly drawn to the exquisite artistry in museums. Fine pieces can be an amazing addition to anyone’s life, their spirit and become special heirlooms passed down through generations.  Later in my career, I began to see Fine Art as a canvas and saw an opportunity to redefine the jewelry space. At Latest Revival (www.latestrevival.com), I brought together my lifelong desire to curate these type of paradigms for people and provide access for all to an array of artistic-like jewels.  This LR experience can inspire one’s spirit.  What we have established excites me every day – bringing together this kind of beauty, art, design and literal forms of expression – It is what I always wanted to do for the groups of people who come together and comprise our special experience, you know the designers, artists, clients, collectors and guests. 

Latest Revival is proud to be collaborating with Lalique to celebrate the power of femininity. Strong women are the backbone of our DNA as a female-owned and operated company. Women create new energy and breathe life into our experiences and growth at all times and we honor their verisimilitude.

Who is a powerful woman that you admire and why?

I’ve always admired Queen Elizabeth I as she was a visionary heroine who defied every limitation placed on a woman in the 1500s. She changed the course of history by changing the role of women. I find inspiration in her genuine strength of character, resolve, integrity, authenticity and resilience. She was inimitable.

What is your passion and how has it impacted your career?

Jewelry is of course a love of mine, which is why I love my work and sharing my passion with others. At Latest Revival, we encourage “the delineation of collecting” and welcome all to build upon an existing collection or to create a new treasure trove. I am a mirror for Latest Revival in many ways. Each season, I personally gravitate towards mixing vintage, heritage jewels with new, innovative selections to stay current, fresh and visually interesting.  I also love unique pieces that are timeless and collectible like Fine Art.   If you look at our site, we have rare jewels for collectors, something special you would buy for your daughter to celebrate an occasion, and everything in between. 

Our point of differentiation at Latest Revival is highly curating distinct up-and-coming talent with estate, antique pieces and providing an unmatched, unique selection. Impeccable craftsmanship is always essential. For example if someone is searching for a contemporary feeling we have some amazing well-known, young designers. If, in contrast, someone wants to find something from a time and place in the world of ages ago or antique or what have you, there is no other place like Latest Revival to find something really special.  We will source anything rare or specialized that you’re searching for. We will also work with one of our incredible designers to create a one-of-a-kind, customized piece for you.  It’s all about establishing something unforgettable and creating a meaningful experience for our collectors. However the market continues to evolve I believe we will always have a meaningful place making sense of it all for our clients.

For designers today, we establish partnerships where we can both provide something very exclusive and special.  We try to differentiate what our clients find on Latest Revival, whether it’s from one of today’s designers or a classic, heritage brand.  It’s always always always going to be something unique and exceptional.  That’s our standard and our goal and goes into how we select our brands. Also, we want to make our designers accessible to our clients.  That’s why you’ll often see their photos, interviews, comments or stories on our site to contextualize the experience.  Then there are the classics. These are beloved and established brands you can find on Latest Revival like for example Van Cleef or Cartier Archive pieces.  So it’s a mix, but always special.

The range is vast but super curated. Like Fine Art, jewelry ranges in its meaning and impact – I appreciate and have a passion for it all.  This comes across on our site and by the inventory we carry.

Describe your personal aesthetic in three words.

Unique. Timeless. Unexpected.

How do your home design choices compare to your style choices?

I have an abiding fascination with art, design, fashion and jewelry; especially the narratives behind the pieces and the connections they enable me to create with every piece I wear and incorporate in my environment.  I personally gravitate towards the mix of older, heritage items with new, innovative pieces to keep things current.

My parents have been long-standing collectors of beautiful Lalique designs and have passed down that sensibility to me, as well as quite a few pieces that now live seamlessly in my home- from the Kissing Lovebirds, Champs-Elysees Bowl to the Clear Bacchantes Champagne Vase.  Love pairing these heritage selections with contemporary paintings from the likes of Banksy, Ghada Amer etc. that hang on my walls.  The dialogue is captivating.

There is a classic fabric that is timeless, multi-generational and special that ties together the Lalique and Latest Revival brands.

Tell us why you chose your Lalique selection. What about the design spoke to you?

The latest iterations of the iconic Bacchantes are to die for! I’m really into the references of Greek Mythology and modern take on the narrative. The iridescent bronze Lalique vase gives off the most beautiful light and has the complexity and tonality of deep golden, lustrous jewels. It’s stunning. Love. Love. Love.

 What is your fondest memory of jewelry?

Estate jewels offer reminders of personal histories and stories. My passion for jewelry began at a very young age and for my 17th birthday, my mother offered me the opportunity to explore her jewelry box and select my favorite pieces. I was drawn to a delicate Cartier diamond ring and a thick gold Cartier panthere band. I loved the subtle nuances of how the delicate diamonds along with the presence of the powerful panthere stacked on top of one another. Fierce yet delicate. Strong yet subtle. I began wearing the rings on my finger while swooning. I imagine my mother got a kick out of my displays of affection for the pieces and that’s why she chose to gift them to me for my birthday, as well as make this a tradition of ours moving forward. Till this day, I adore the rings and wear them together on a daily basis as a memory and good luck charm.

Tell us why you chose your Latest Revival selections. What about the pieces/ brand spoke to you

I selected a pair of stunning Silvia Furmanovich Marquetry Earrings with Diamonds and Pink Opals.  The earrings are handcrafted in Brazil with marquetry abalone, diamond pave and stunning pink opal hanging drops. Absolutely love this piece as well as Silvia’s larger marquetry collection. It’s so special. In addition, I selected a beautiful Fernando Jorge ring in 18-karat gold. Fernando’s work and mastery of his craft is irrefutable. His jewels are extraordinary with meticulous workmanship.  Both Silvia and Fernando’s jewels are exceptional and correspondingly have been winning various jewelry awards highlighting their talent. We’ve been working with both of these designers at Latest Revival since the beginning, before all of their accolades, so it’s super meaningful for me to have seen and been a part of their wonderful success and growth.

I also chose a few heritage, gorgeous estate rings from the likes of Cartier and Bvlgari to pair with these modern jewels, providing an unexpected twist and depth to the curation.

What is a piece of (clothing, accessory, jewelry, décor, etc) you can’t live without? 

My most prized possession is a beautiful Art Deco diamond ring that was passed down from my grandmother to my mother, on my father’s side, before it was given to me. The ring is special, with incredibly intricate detailing and workmanship. It is so refined, delicate and feminine; definitely a sentimental gift kept with me almost like a talisman. My grandmother passed away before I knew her, so I love the idea of having her and my mother with me all the time—three generations of Oberlander women.

What is your charitable cause of choice? Lalique & Latest Revival are committing a percentage of proceeds from your personal selections through online purchases October 7th through 21st 

I’m currently learning about the complexities and opportunities in attempting to bridge the gaps in our educational system, as a Trustee and Chair of Educational Development of a Charter School that provides positive, progressive and transformative options for scholars. I’m all about efforts to create REAL change for all children in order to prepare them for future success and create responsible members of the global community.

I would say that this represents the various bookends of my life that stimulate and inspire what I do.  We work very hard to help kids growing up in at risk circumstances. The satisfaction of making lives better is incredibly meaningful and rewarding- a deep passion since youth. These diverse experiences for me, represent the diversity, wide ranging stimulation and passion that we pour into Latest Revival.

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