Michelle Campbell Mason
Interview by daliaoberlander

Michelle Campbell Mason is the Founder of Paramour Films and Jewelry Designer

‘Lalique x Latest Revival’ Celebrate Influential Women Campaign

What does it mean to you to be an influential woman? What led you to your current position?

It means that what I’m doing is inspiring someone to get out of their comfort zone, to take a chance to fulfill their dreams or make a positive impact. Years in an unpredictable world led me to make sure that I spend my days doing something that makes me feel whole and can empower others, that’s how I got into storytelling (producing, writing, acting)

Who is a powerful woman that you admire and why? 

Oprah, always Oprah. Inspiring, breaking the norm, creating opportunities for women, and doing it all with kindness, empathy, and eloquence.

What is your passion and how has it impacted your career?

My passion is history and finding the common thread between the past and the present, whether it is in fashion, tv, or politics. For me studying the past and finding patterns and connecting to other times though human struggle is deeply compelling and I find that knowledge to propel me though life and work with a fresh perspective.

I am a film/ tv producer/writer/ actor. I started my production company (www.paramourfilms.com) to focus and introduce the world to daring, powerful, and fascinating women from our past that have been left out of the historical narrative. I also have a jewelry company called Michelle Campbell that I started during the last WGA strike, and that brand continues to grow after 10 years! We do collaborations and big box private label all focused on a timeless yet modern aesthetic.

Describe your personal aesthetic in three words

Clean modern elegance

How do your home design choices compare to your style choices? 

They are virtually the same with a splash of more color.

Tell us why you chose your Lalique selection. What about the design spoke to you? 

There were so many beautiful pieces, but what really got me with the rhino was a memory on safari in Africa when I learned about the battle against poachers. I think that the danger to this majestic creature should be something we are reminded of.

What is your fondest memory of jewelry? 

When I inherited some lovely pieces from my grandmother it reminded me of all of the stories she told of how she got them or where she found the stone. I love that a keepsake piece can bring such an emotional tie to the past. 

Tell us why you chose your Latest Revival selection. What about the piece/ brand spoke to you? I love a powerful vintage piece and couldn’t keep myself away from that stunning collar. Mixed with my pieces and some Fernando Jorge from Latest Revival, I think the styling we did with this group represents the bohemian modern aesthetic that I find so charming.

What is a piece of (clothing, accessory, jewelry, d├ęcor, etc) you can’t live without? 

A good skinny black jean, part of the daily uniform and my engagement ring.

What is your charitable cause of choice? Lalique & Latest Revival are committing a percentage of proceeds for your personal selections through online purchases October 7th through 21st. 

The River Fund

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