‘Lalique x LR’ celebrate Influential Women
Article by LR and Lalique

In collaboration with Lalique, Latest Revival is proud to celebrate inspiring women.

This unique campaign features women of influence, all leaders within their industry with a multidisciplined repertoire of skills and knowledge. Each woman has chosen a decorative object from Lalique to highlight their unique style and personal selections of favorite jewelry from Latest Revival. 

“Latest Revival is proud to be collaborating with Lalique to celebrate the power of femininity. Strong women are the backbone of our DNA as a female-owned and operated company. Women create new energy and breathe life into our experiences and growth at all times and we honor their verisimilitude. ” – Dalia Oberlander, Founder and Owner of Latest Revival 

There is a classic fabric that is timeless, multi-generational and special that ties together the Lalique and Latest Revival brands. 

With ‘femme’ being one of the main themes of the Lalique story, this campaign will help bring a new synergy behind the inspiration with a contemporary lens- giving life to a modern day #FemmedeLalique. There is a natural artistry between jewelry and décor – especially given that our founder René Lalique started his career as a master jeweler. 

“We are so proud to unveil this campaign in celebration of unique and inspiring women. Femme is a vast source of inspiration for Lalique. Being able to redefine this theme and adapt to our contemporary world is so exciting. As a female led company, The Latest Revival was the perfect choice for us to partner with and help weave this dialogue into both our brands.” – Maya Ahluwalia, Marketing Director of Lalique North America. 

This digital campaign will feature a series of women, all leaders in their industry and highlight what it means to have style, how they have turned passion into their career and what it truly means to be a woman of influence. Together, we will redefine the theme and discover what it means to be an influential woman. 

The women of note include:

  • Dalia Oberlander, CEO & Founder of Latest Revival
  • Sarah Arison, Founder and President of the Arison Arts Foundation
  • Georgina Bloomberg, Equestrian, Founder of the Rider’s Closet and Chair of Humane Generation for the Humane Society of the United States
  • Lydia Fenet, Managing Director and Global Director of Strategic Partnerships at Christie’s and author
  • Michelle Campbell Mason, Founder of Paramour Films and Jewelry Designer

Lalique & Latest Revival are committing a percentage of proceeds for each woman’s personal selections through online purchases October 7th through 21st.

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