Georgina Bloomberg
Interview by Latest Revival and Lalique

Georgina Bloomberg is an Equestrian, Founder of the Rider’s Closet and Chair of Humane Generation for the Humane Society of the United States

‘Lalique x Latest Revival’ Celebrate Influential Women Campaign

What does it mean to you to be an influential woman? What led you to your current position?

Having an influence over others is not something I see as a power or something to be taken for granted. It’s something that I have worked for in my own right and take very seriously, and see as something that I can use to make changes in the world and make it a better place. Someone can be put in a position where they can potentially become influential for a number of reasons, but to actually become influential is up to that person. No one can give that to you and no one can be born into being influential. It can only be earned. It’s incredibly flattering to be considered influential, but places a weight on your shoulders that will always be reminding me that I have to behave in a certain way and hold myself to a certain standard, not just because others are watching, but because others are listening.  

Who is a powerful woman that you admire and why?

I have always admired Serena Williams. As an athlete she is someone who has redefined what a female is capable of and what we are expected to look like. She showed me that strength and athleticism is beautiful, and that no matter your size, women can show off their bodies and be stylish. What she has done for female athletes is greatly under appreciated, and she has made so many athletes feel comfortable expressing themselves, feel confident in their bodies, and made us realize that strong and muscular can be a beautiful thing. 

What is your passion and how has it impacted your career?

My passion has always been animals and sports. Being able to combine the two in my career has been a dream come true. With every horse back rider, whether it be a hobby or a career for them, their story starts with a love of animals. I feel so lucky that I was able to find my passion early on and then turn it into a career and what I get to wake up and do every day. I was never naturally talented at riding, but I had a deep passion for the animals and the sport of competing them. I refused to quit or accept that I wouldn’t be successful at it. My determination and passion made me work hard and figure out how I could make this my career. 

Describe your personal aesthetic in three words.

Athletic, bold, natural. 

How do your home design choices compare to your style choices?

I dress in a similar way to the way I decorate. I have never been stereotypically feminine or into pink or hearts or anything else that people associate with being a girl. As a child I was a tomboy and wanted to play sports with the boys and had a character that people took to be more masculine than feminine. As a girl you are expected to act and dress in a certain way, and that was never me. As an adult I am the same. I like wearing black, bold colors, and am most comfortable in riding or workout clothes. It’s not because I don’t like dressing up or making an effort, but I like showing off the fact that I am an athlete and strong. My style choices in my home and in the way I present myself may not be considered feminine, but I believe that feminine is a term that is being redefined with every generation and with every strong girl who realizes that they can be whoever they want to be.  

Tell us why you chose your Lalique selection. What about the design spoke to you?

My Lalique selection is a good representation of how I want to be viewed by others. Beautiful not because of how we look, but because of the free spirit and strength that we exhibit. 

What is your fondest memory of jewelry?

My fondest memory of jewelry is getting antique turquoise earrings, a bracelet and necklace from my mother that belonged to her mother who passed away when I was a child. I was so young when she died that I never got a chance to really know her, but the jewelry is so beautiful and stylish that it makes me feel like I am not only representing her when I wear it but am connected to her and know her in a way that I never could before. 

Tell us why you chose your Latest Revival selections. What about the jewels and brands spoke to you?

The pieces that I had the opportunity to wear from Latest Revival were a perfect representation of me. I love bold colors and mixing them, and at the right time, standing out. Being in the spotlight or in front of a crowd is something I have always loved and welcomed.I work hard and am confident, and like showing both of these things off. My pieces were just the right amount of sparkle, they made me stand out but in the right way, they weren’t over the top or showy, just made me sparkly and show off a bold and confident style. 

What is a piece of (clothing, accessory, jewelry, décor, etc) you can’t live without?

I cannot live without a good pair of sneakers. I love working out and being active. It not only enables me to be strong enough to follow my passion and my career, but working out keeps me sane. I love working up a sweat and zoning out at the gym or on a jog, and need to have a pair of sneakers with me at all times to make this possible. I feel sexiest and more confident when I am in the gym and showing off my strength, and know that I am helping my body make it possible to pursue my dreams and goals in my career. 

What is your charitable cause of choice? Lalique & Latest Revival are committing a percentage of proceeds from your personal selections through online purchases October 7th through 21st 

The Humane Society of the United States is my charitable cause of choice. They work not only to directly protect and rescue animals, but they work with the government to change legislation and laws that make sure that animals are treated in the most humane way possible. Their work not only changes the lives of animals that exist today, but will change the lives of those in future generations as well.

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