Mary Katrantzou x Atelier Swarovski

Renowned London-based fashion designer Mary Katrantzou is known for her love of color, pattern and complexity—and the designer’s kaleidoscopic collection for Atelier Swarovski reflects Katrantzou’s love of print and her eclectic inspirations. Bright crystals are offset by smooth enamel on bracelets, creating multifaceted pieces that juxtapose colors and textures. Clustered together atop bangles and rings or arranged in a waterfall, the crystals are raised from their settings, allowing light to penetrate them from every angle and an innate brilliance to emerge.

Nostalgia for Atelier Swarovski is directly motivated by Mary Katrantzou’s Spring 2018 RTW collection where memories of an artful youth inspire geometric structures filled with colorful Swarovski crystals, making precious the brilliance of each unique stone.