Ioanna Souflia

Introducing a modern take on luxury, Ioanna Souflia presents her take on fine jewelry.
Indulge to the designer’s cosmos where Thasos and Bardiglio Imperiale marble and gold, embellished with grey and white diamonds, playfully co-exist into fashion-forward pieces that stimulate the senses.
With a strong element of contrast the collections feature exuberant sculptural pieces with graphic patterns, tactile surfaces with highly polished finishes, alluring feminine curves and structured crisp lines, capturing the brand’s aesthetic and the designer’s vision of precious jewelry.
Focusing on innovative design and traditional craftsmanship, Ioanna Souflia’s work is made in 14K gold and Greek marble; with respect to the properties of the materials each piece is individually and meticulously handcrafted.

Ioanna Souflia is the designer behind the homonym brand. Born and Raised in Athens, Ioanna cultivated her passion for jewelry while studying Law in Athens, Greece. The designer received silversmithing training from the Mokume Institute of Athens before moving to London to study Jewelry Design where she graduated with Honors from Central Saint Martins.
Influenced by her contrasting training the designer’s aesthetic is shaped from the unique pairing of opposing elements. Embracing an array of diverse stimuli that infatuate her; the dominant presence of sculpture, the captivating decoration of Art Deco, the elegant simplicity of Minimalism, the powerful awe of Futurism and the softness of organic beauty, Ioanna Souflia seeks to embody these sentiments into jewelry and designs her own world of unique adornments that set out to differentiate the wearer.
Exploring her heritage Ioanna Souflia reinvents the use of Greece’s most iconic material, marble, and turns the naturally sourced stone into precious pieces that encompass the elegance and beauty of her birth land.

'N' AS IN Nostalgia

'P' AS IN Poppy

'R' AS IN Ravishing

'S' AS IN Sculpture

'T' AS IN Technology

'V' AS IN Vintage

'Y' AS IN Yellow

'Z' AS IN Zebra